Carl Saltzmann taulu Torbole 876. 1900-luvun alku

Mielenkiintoinen löytö, Carl Saltzmann:in taulu jostain 1900-luvun alusta.

Carl Saltzmann

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Carl Saltzmann (1847–1923) was a German marine and landscape painter, born in Berlin. He was a pupil of Herman Eschke, then studied at Düsseldorf, and, after traveling through the Netherlands and Italy, settled in Berlin. In 1878-80 he went with Prince Henry of Prussia on his trip around the world and later accompanied the German Emperor on his visit to St. Petersburg and Norway. Of his pictures resulting from these journeys may be mentioned ”Corvette Prince Adalbert in the Strait of Magellan” (1883, Breslau Museum), ”In the Pacific Ocean” (1888, German Emperor), and ”Arrival of the Hohenzollern at Kronstadt” (Emperor of Russia). The National Gallery, Berlin, contains two paintings by him. In 1888 Saltzmann was awarded the great gold medal at Berlin and in 1896 he was appointed professor at the Academy.

Saltzmann’s painting ”Walfang mit der Duncan Grey” (Whaling with the Duncan Grey) depicted the 15 July 1892 ”pleasure whaling trip” taken by German Emperor Wilhelm II on the whaling and sealing vessel Duncan Grey, during which a sei whale was harpooned with explosive shells and hauled back to shore.[1][2]

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